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Sebastian Stan ‘August Man’ Photoshoot: Part 3

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this guy draws arthur like a grown up christopher robin i love it

See you in another life, brother.


Batman Harley & Ivy No. 1 - Bosom Buddies

June 2004

Paul Dini & Bruce Timm - Writers, Script, & Art

Shane Glines - Inker

Tom Orzechowski - Letterer

Lee Loughridge - Colorist

Harvey Richards - Assistant Editor 

Joan Hilty - Editor

Scott Peterson - Honorable mention 



I’m suddenly struck with how if you remove the subtitles this just looks like a vintage anonymous hookup in a gay bar

with the subtitles it looks like a vintage hookup in a gay bar


"former queen regent. that’s you, I mean. literally so former. lol cersei have I mentioned lately that you are no longer queen. no? let’s just bring that up again" 


Have you noticed that IMDb is still in denial of Merlin ending?


Have you noticed that IMDb is still in denial of Merlin ending?



Can we talk about how Cap and Bucky have opposite masks?

Cap has mouth and eyes exposed, forehead covered. Bucky has mouth covered and eyes painted black, his forehead exposed.

What a lovely symmetry.

But the symbolism too. Cap’s is a helmet, protection, to keep him safe from physical harm. Bucky’s is a muzzle to keep him silent and anonymous and on a leash.